Why Dedicated SEO Consultant?

By hiring expertise SEO team you can easily promote your ranking company’s website in a very cost effective manner. A professional SEO can easily manage its work while he can do on-page as well as off-page, EXPERT SEO HIRE SERVICES with social media optimization in SEO Company. We can easily manage ad words accounts, edit, or add content on your site. A dedicated SEO team can easily be managed by 25% of the total payment you earn. So it is more profitable to you if you hire a SEO team if he is having various sites to be mange in SEO Company.



  • We are professional SEO experts, we can easily do on-page as well as off-page, apart from that an SEO expert can easily write content for the site.
  • Dedicated contact with the employee through project management collaboration system.
  • An expertise person can easily work on 100 keywords simultaneously, with other 3 website works.
  • We provide Free SEO consultation.
  • We provide Ad words Management if you want.
  • We can provide help in changing the content of your website, or updating it, or editing it in within 176 hours.

If you will be unsatisfied with the performance of our expert team member than we can replace him within next two wording days and adjust your payment according to that.


  • On Page Optimization
  • We research in-depth while doing site analysis for search engine compatibility.
  • Provide Keyword Analysis, Site Analysis, and Competitor Analysis for more effective results.
  • We prefer most effective keyword for the business.
  • We optimize Title tags and Meta tags .
  • HTML codes clean up.
  • Website Maintenance and Rank Tracking.
  • Creating Sitemap of the site.
  • Monitor Google Analytics and Webmaster tools data to keep track of our website.
  • Off Page Optimization
  • Build natural, quality links.
  • Build social links to increase social signals for the company.
  • Plan and build natural links.
  • Write articles and promote them in major article directories.
  • Providing Press release .
  • Forum posting.SEO Enquiry


Each client in globalsquares is assigned an Accounts Manager, our point-of-contact is trained and certified SEO professional with a proven track-record in managing SEO campaigns successfully. He is backed by a Project Manager with years of search engine optimization experience. we grew from 2 search analysts into a dedicated department supported by dual development teams of personnel including developers, copywriters, link analysts, SEO analysts, PPC analysts and social media marketing analysts in SEO Company .

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